By Ian Hughes, It’s Liverpool


Liverpool loves sports and our city also prides itself on our generous and compassionate spirit, it’s what were known for. The British Transplant Games is a great mash-up the two, it’s coming to Liverpool and it’s a perfect match for our city.


Taking place from 27 – 31 July, the games encompasses just about every sport imaginable, creating a massive sporting event which aims to get as many people involved as possible. Its ambition is to actively promote organ donation, but it’s more than a great cause, it’s also a great event.
Here’s ten reasons why you, your family, or a team of colleagues should sign up to take part. You’ve got until Friday the 13th May and we hope to see you there.



1)      It’s easier than a marathon. Don’t get us wrong, running is a fine pursuit, but signing up for a marathon and training for months on end can be more commitment than many can handle. The Liverpool Transplant Games takes place over four days and it features plenty of low impact (read easier) options including walking, snooker, golf and even darts. There’s a sport for everyone and you won’t have to ruin your knees running 42km to join in.


2)      Your colleagues are more fun than you think. Team building shouldn’t be relegated to half an hour of ‘trust exercises’ at a team away day.


The Transplant Games is open to corporate teams and there’s plenty of enjoyable team sports to sign-up for, including football, cricket, tennis, volleyball and table tennis.


3)      You don’t spend enough time with your family. We’re all guilty of popping ‘Frozen’ or ‘Minions’ in the DVD player to keep the little ones entertained. But the best times with your family are when you’re out and about doing things together. That’s how great memories are made.


The British Transplant Games is a fun-filled, family event. Go on a run, play golf, go fishing, it’s up to you. Whatever you decide, your family will remember the time you all pulled together to raise awareness for a great cause. What could be better than that?


4)      There’s no better motivation. Exercise can be tough. Going the gym, treading on the spot and lifting weights can all be hard work and it’s often easy to start with good intensions and then stop when the going gets tough, or simply too monotonous.


The British Transplant Games give you the chance to get some exercise without making you feel like you’re trapped in a medieval torture chamber. Your competitive spirit will get you caught up in the moment and you definitely won’t be watching the clock or the (dreaded) calorie counter.


5)      It will make you appreciate Liverpool more.  Our fingers are crossed for Liverpool to host the Commonwealth Games, our city would be a perfect host, but The Commonwealth Games we are bidding for won’t be held until 2026, so we’ve got quite a long wait.


But the British Transplant Games is taking place this June, taking in many of our best sporting venues and spaces. Let’s hope the event also acts as a great warm-up for Liverpool to host other big sporting events in the future.


6)      It’s not just about giving back. We’re inundated with charities and good causes every day, but The British Transplant Games is different. Their goal is to raise awareness and to ask people to think about their donor wishes and share them with their family. They’re not asking for £2 a week, they’re not asking for a lot of people’s time. They simply want people to join in the games and help to get more people to think about becoming a donor.


7)      It doesn’t cost much. Supporters wishing to take part in The British Transplant Games pay a £10 registration fee for children and £20 for adults, all the funds go back into the games, helping to spread the donor message further.



8)      You could discover a new love. We can be born with a great desire to compete, but we can also have a great idea thrust upon us. The British Transplant Games open participants up to a world of sport, often making people fall in love with a game they otherwise may never have played. Open yourself up to something new. You could be great at squash or table tennis and The British Transplant Games gives you the perfect opportunity to find out.


9)      You’ll meet some amazing people. You may or may not be into sports. But chances are, you love meeting new people and hearing inspirational stories. There’s a huge social aspect to the games, the people involved are generous folk and all round good vibes are all but guaranteed.


10)   You knew this was coming. It’s for a great cause. The wonder of the human body is never more evident when a successful transplant operation takes place. Our ability to give people life, even in death is a miracle that is achieved every day. There are many stats on our nation’s desperate need for more donors, but the numbers don’t really tell a story. People leave a legacy in many ways, but directly saving the life of other people in need has got to be a great way to go.


Share this with your friends, family or colleagues and sign up to take part in The British Transplant Games. It’s all about sport, giving and compassion for your fellow man and we think Liverpool will form one incredible team.


Visit http://www.britishtransplantgames.co.uk/