Andrew was diagnosed with Haemochromatosis in August 2013, the diagnosis impacted him, his family and everyday life, he says “The liver damage it caused affected me in so many ways physically but the effect on my wife and family was mostly the mental problems. Tiredness, mood swings, depression, generally someone who couldn’t do very much and required constant patience. I must have been hell to be with. I stopped others from enjoying their lives by not having the health to enjoy mine.”

Andrew went on the waiting list January 2014, and waited for eight months for his transplant, it’s been ten months since his operation, although in January this year his transplant “caused a major bile duct problem this January resulting in massive internal bleeding, 25 units of blood transfusions and very nearly dying twice. That experience change my whole outlook on life, for the better.”

Transplantation has changed Andrews life, he says “the experience has made so much healthier, a new zest for life, limited for now by tiredness and physical limits, but helped me to do volunteer work for blood donation service and campaigning for organ donation, even collecting in the street for charities. Things I have never done before. Also far more sport in my life than ever before. I have never run in my life for fun, but now love it. I look at life differently and feel so lucky to have gone through what I have gone through because I have seen a wonderful and interesting side of human nature, experienced the edge of life and death and come through valuing life and people so much more.”

Andrew is competing in the British Transplant Games for the first time this year, he found out about the games from “A leaflet from the transplant co ordination in recuperation and then contacting our team manager, Nadia, a wonderful woman who inspired me to do it.” His sports are “tennis, archery, 5km” and he believes that the games support his recovery and ongoing well being “A huge amount, I feel so much better and it improves my physical well being and gives me challenges.”