Ellie was diagnosed at the age of 3 months with a heptoblastoma and went rough 4 months of chemotherapy, after which due the location of the tumour she had to have a liver transplant at the age of 7 months.

As Ellie was our first child as a family it was devastating thinking that I had something wrong during my pregnancy. It had a huge impact on everyday life as we spent 7 months in hospital and away from home. We also missed the first year of a baby’s life which should be so magical and enjoyable.

This year with be her 10th Liverversary which a huge milestone to us and our family. Every year we always celebrate to the best gift that anyone could give and they have made the last ten years memorable. Ellie has done so many amazing things and had so many opportunities.

The transplant has changed my view on many things as before Ellie had one there was not enough known about them. Since she has had one and we have taken part in the games we have done a lot of publicity to help with the getting names on the list. We have also done a lot of fundraising to help the ward at the hospital and to help raise money for the team.

This year will be the 10th year that we have attended the games. Ellie has taken part in obstacle race, ball throw, 25m run, long jump and last year started taking part in the swimming. She recently joined a local swimming club so she can keep up her fitness and also to help her compete better in this years games.

The games to Ellie are a great time and it’s nice for her to mix with other kids that have been through the same things as her. It’s also a great way for us as parents to get together and also to have a support network for the rest of the year. We only have to post on our team facebook page for any help with something and there will always be someone that can help.

Our team managers are amazing and are always there to help and they always make sure the weekend goes smoothly.