Emily had FSGS from the age of 2.  It was controlled with medication for a while but then she continued to swell and medication was not helping.  She ended up having to be put on haemo dialysis as she had gone into renal failure.  She was attending Nottingham Hospital 5 times a week for dialysis for 7 months.  Once our family were settled with the arrival of our new son, Emily had her native kidneys removed and a PD catheter put in so that we could do dialysis at home.  This made life a little more normal but evenings could be difficult when the machine alarmed overnight or we were home late for any reason.

My mother was in the process of being tested as a possible donor when we received a call from the transplant team saying they had a good match from an anonymous living donor.  We accepted the kidney and about 3 weeks later, Emily received her new kidney ‘Bella’.  It hasn’t been completely straight forward for the past year as Emily has had a number of infections and some minor rejection.  However, she is an enthusiastic young girl with a wonderful smile and has coped very well with it all.

We have our life back and Emily attends school regularly.  She has been able to take dancing exams and be in a dancing show also.  She can now go swimming and feels much more ‘normal’.

This is Emily’s first year at the British Transplant Games and she is having a go at most things available for her age range (0-5).  She is very excited as she went to the Commonwealth Games last year and watched the athletics and thinks she will be like one of them!