I was diagnosed with kidney failure at 3 and a half. I was put on lots of medication for everything you could possibly think of and I was under nearly every department in the hospital, endocrinology, urology and of course nephrology. This meant regular hospital appointments with endless blood tests. Growing up, my school life wasn’t affected, or at least from my perspective anyway. I was never “normal” because I couldn’t do certain things, I wasn’t as tall as everyone and I was one of the first patients to use a “mickey button” as a way of catheterising, so school swimming lessons were always full of questions. Apart from changes in early childhood, everything else was pretty much plain sailing until I started dialysis in Feb 2010. We had discussed transplants previously as my kidney function was starting to decrease more rapidly than they had originally thought. My transplant was planned and my dad donated me a kidney on 20th April 2010. It was my 5th kidneyversary this year but I nearly didn’t make it to my 1st. About a week before my 1st kidneyversary, I was diagnosed with PTLD, a rare complication and form of cancer. The chemotherapy I needed nearly damaged my new kidney but luckily it lived to see another day. 

Since my transplant I have had so much more energy than I did before and my friends said that I looked healthier. I was able to complete my GCSEs in the summer of 2014 with 9 A*s and 3 As. I have no idea how I would have revised without my transplant. I would have been so tired and I would have struggled to concentrate. I’m now hoping to complete my A-Levels in the summer of 2016 and go onto to study medicine at university to help other people who are in similar situations to what I was in. 

I first competed in the transplant games in 2012 in Medway and I’ve been competing ever since. I compete in table tennis, badminton and 100m. Yes the sporting element helps you to recover from the surgery and to help you to regain your fitness but they also help with support. You get to meet other people who have been through similar situations and you can help each other get thorough different ones. I have met some great friends through the British Transplant Games and my siblings and parents have also been able to talk to people which makes the whole journey a lot easier for them.