MLS is a leading and successful sport and leisure consultancy, project managers and event management company. With its HQ in Sheffield, an innovative and progressive City of Sport, the company’s client list takes MLS across the whole UK and overseas.

Evolved from the former Montgomery Leisure Services, the business is currently owned by four long-standing colleagues and sporting practitioners, Yuri Matischen (Managing Director), John Timms (Events Director), Sarah Backovic (Community Director) and Sue Catton (currently withLOCOG 2012).

Together, they provide expertise and delivery along the sporting continuum from community to the elite.

What makes MLS different is that they move effortlessly from strategic planning through to delivery ensuring its clients receive practical and deliverable programmes and advice.

Significantly, MLS has built an excellent reputation in the area of inclusive sport and physical activity for the disabled having operated the nationally acclaimed Inclusive Fitness Initiative on behalf of its client the English Federation of Disability Sport.

MLS are passionate about what it does and the company excels in having a strong team ethos with the ability to be strategic and practically minded.

MLS consultancy spans the professional and voluntary, public and private sectors, and through our inter-disciplinary approach we are successful at adding value and maximising the social and economic impact of sport for our clients.

An important and evolving service is that of skills development and social enterprise in sport.MLS provide the business support and skills interventions, (in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Sport and Active Leisure and the Sports Marketing Network), that enable voluntary and community clubs to become more self-reliant, effective and sustainable organisations.


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