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Coventry 2023 - See our highlights from last year’s Games

Britisht Transplant Games - Logo orange
Britisht Transplant Games - Logo Orange

The charity Transplant Sport & The British Transplant Games have been in existence for over 40 years.

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Welcome to the British Transplant Games.

Britisht Transplant Games - Logo

Running for over 40 years, The Westfield Health British Transplant Games are a celebration of life.


Taking place in different host cities every Summer, the games see teams from hospitals across the UK come together to compete in a medley of sports. The 4-day event attracts around 1000 transplant athletes and more than 1700 supporters.


An inclusive Games: Transplant survivors including children as young as five can compete in more than 25 sports and indeed, many athletes also go on to compete at the World Transplant Games.


About the Games: The Games are organised on behalf of Transplant Sport whose aim is to raise awareness of the need for organ donation, encourage transplant recipients to lead active lifestyles and show appreciation for, and remember their donors and their families.

The British Transplant Games also help to increase the awareness of Anthony Nolan and their need for blood stem cells and bone marrow donation.

We are proud to have Nottingham as host city for this year!

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The cure for blood cancer isn’t in a lab, or a petri dish. It isn’t a pill or a powder, it’s you.
Volunteering 2023
Volunteer for Nottingham 2024
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If you needed an organ transplant would you have one? If so please help those in need of a transplant by opting to donate organs and tissue.
Find out more about Nottingham 2024
Britisht Transplant Games - Logo orange

The British Transplant Games is proud to work with our partners for 2024

Britisht Transplant Games - Logo
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