Frequently Asked Questions

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Eligibility Conditions

Organ transplant:

Individual must have received an organ from someone else and received immunosuppressant post- transplant. Bone Marrow recipients: Individuals who have received a bone marrow or stem cells transplant from a donor and are on, or, have being on immunosuppressant’s post-transplant.

Organ Failure post-transplant:

Eligibility for participants with a failed organ transplant that is stable on the following supportive therapies: Kidney – on dialysis
Pancreas – by insulin
Heart – artificial heart pump
Small bowel – total parenteral nutrition In all cases of failing transplanted organs participation will depend on residual capacity and current physical fitness.

What is your age group?

We have changed the date of birth cut off to be June 30 for all entrants, therefore, you will compete in your age group as at June 30.