Hollie Returns to Coventry for the 2020 Launch

Hollie Simpson is a special member of the British Transplant Games community and joined us at the Launch on 29th November 2019 at the University of Warwick, displaying the medals that she won at her first games in Coventry in 2009.

Hollie is part of the Birmingham team and the 17-year-old is a world record holder winning 11 medals and two trophies in events such as swimming, long jump, archery and ball throw.

She was diagnosed with acute kidney failure at birth. Ten years ago, at the age of five, her life was saved thanks to a Kidney transplant from her father Malcom. She’s now fit and healthy to compete at the Games and she loves every second of it.

Since her first Games she has gone on to be the only GB junior in the European Games in June 2018, meaning she is now in the adult category and still took away many medals including the trophy for best overall female transplantee.

She was displayed in a short BBC documentary that gave viewers a sneak peak of the Games and talks about our goal is to give everyday life normality through sport, helping children and adults overcome hard and difficult times.

Hollie has made many friends from across the world through being a part of the British Transplant Games. She says, “The best thing about it is people coming together from all over and just celebrating what they have done, showing everyone, like the nurses who’ve helped us, what we can achieve.” (Country Telegraph)

Hollie’s story makes us immensely proud of everything we do for these children and their families, through sport we are making a huge difference and look are looking forward to seeing more winners at our 2020 Coventry Games!

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