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The aim of the Westfield Health Transplant Games is to raise awareness of the importance of donating organs, blood, stem cells and bone marrow.

The charity, Transplant Sport, wants to spread the word that you need to make your wishes – whatever they may be - known to your loved ones.

Tell your family your organ donation decision so that they can honour it


Firstly, you can make your family aware of your decision!

We are also encouraging people to talk about organ donation on social media.

You can:

· Download our Facebook frame. Just tap on your profile picture and select 'add frame'. Type '#HaveTheChat in the search bar. Tap on our frame and follow the instructions to add it to your profile picture to let everyone know you have had the chat about organ donation.

· Post an update. Feel free to cut and paste the following:

“On average three people die every day in need of an organ transplant because there just aren’t enough organ donors. The decision to donate organs is made by families and loved ones. That’s why it’s important you talk to them about your wishes. I pledge to #HaveTheChat and I nominate (insert three friends here) to do the same. #WHBTG

· Of course, you may have personal reasons for wanting to raise awareness. If that’s the case, you may want to share your story. Just remember to use the hashtags #HaveTheChat and #WHBTG.

· If you are comfortable on camera, you might want to add a photograph of yourself or even a video. We all need to talk about organ donation more – so below are some ideas:

  • “I talk to my family about everything under the sun such as (insert something like ‘how my husband never does the vacuuming, nights out, my cooking disasters, dating etc ). I have also spoken to my family about organ donation and that I would like to donate my organs, if I am ever in that situation. Please do the same and #HaveTheChat. It’s more likely that families will decide to donate organs, if they know that’s what the person would have wanted.

  • “By the time we get home from work, cook, put the kids to bed, there isn’t always much time to talk. But it is really, really important you make time to sit down and talk to your family and loved ones about organ donation. Please have that chat so they know your decision. I have. Have you?”

  • “We tell our families lots of things don’t we? But have you told yours about your organ donation wishes. Make your decision and talk about it with your family so they know too.”

  • If you want to be a donor, don’t assume your family knows this. Make your decision known – have the chat with them so they know too!

Make your organ donation decision and make it known. Thank you for getting involved and spreading the word.


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