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Surivanasi Family, Leeds

Dad (Aky), Son (Akash, 22), Mum (Tina)

As a baby, Akash had two dysplastic kidneys and experienced fluid retention in the womb. He needed a lot of intensive care as a baby and was soon put on the donor list. In 2004 Tina was identified as a perfect match and gave her kidney. Akash got better and was able to stand and walk and play like most other kids.

In 2014/15 Akash experienced further issues with his kidneys, a heart murmur and inflammation on the heart valves, resulting in a double brain haemorrhage and a week-long coma.

Akash needed another kidney, but his dad wasn’t a match. Luckily Aky was able to donate via a “paired exchange” – a process involving two donors and two recipients “swapping”.


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