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Transplant Sport and MLS Statement

Although the Leeds Transplant Games are still many months away, we know that many people are starting to think about making plans about their attendance and beginning even now to start training. We are also aware of the many uncertainties and valid concerns because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. To ensure the Games are as successful as possible, early planning is essential; Transplant Sport is working very closely with MLS and the local organisers. The funders too have been very understanding and supportive. The safety of participants, their families and friends and volunteers and organisers is, of course, our priority. To help you plan for your attendance next year, we plan to issue a series of updates so you know what we are doing to ensure your safety, ensure the Games take place if possible and safe, and answer any concerns you may have. There are still many uncertainties about Covid-19 and we can only guess at what the situation will be nest year. Hopefully, there will be an effective vaccine which is made available to all, but we cannot assume that.

So our approach is to plan for the Games to take place in pretty much the same format as before, although with a Leeds and Yorkshire flavour! We are making plans for the opening and closing ceremonies, the sporting and social activities and accommodation in the usual way. We are doing our best to avoid making any fixed financial commitments as no one will give us insurance cover in the event of cancellation or postponement because of Covid. We appreciate that this first newsletter is long on aspirations and short on details, but we believe it is much too early to start to give specific details as we really don’t know what will happen. We wanted to ensure that you were aware that we are assuming all will be well but knowing this might not be the case’. The usual adage of ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst’ applies here. Again, safety of all is our key priority but we hope the Games will take place as planned: the venues look great, accommodation of high quality and social activities original, memorable and enjoyable. We will do our best to keep all options open as long as possible and do our best to avoid asking any fixed commitment from you as long as we can. We will keep you updated as to what we are doing but if you have any questions or concerns, do let us know at

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